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Mark-10 is a leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement systems, including force and torque gauges, test stands, grips, and data collection software. With numerous applications in virtually every industry, Mark-10 products are at home in laboratory and production environments. All products are engineered, manufactured, and supported in the USA, and are covered by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.


Mark-10 Products

  • Force Gauges
  • Torque Gauges
  • Indicator/Sensors
  • Manual Test Stands
  • Motorized Test Stands
  • Wire Pull Testers
  • COF Gauges
  • Ergonomics Test Kits
  • Grips/Fixtures
  • Attachments/Accessories
  • Software

Mark-10 Highlights

Tension and Compression Test Stands

Tension/Compression Test Stands

Mark-10 test stands produce tensile and compressive loads up to 1,500 lbF (6.7 kN) for a broad range of applications in virtually every industry. Typically used in conjunction with a force gauge or load cell and selection of grips and fixtures, test stands output force and travel data to a PC for graphing, analysis, and reporting.

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Mark-10 Force Gauges

Force Gauges

Mark-10 force gauges measure tension and compression forces. With capacities from 0.12 to 2,000 lbF (0.5 N to 10 kN), they may be handheld, mounted to a test stand, or used in OEM applications. Featuring data memory, data output, selectable units of measurement, and a long list of features and functions, Mark-10 force gauges are versatile solutions for every industry.

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Mitutoyo Rockwell Testers

Cap Torque Testers

Mark-10 cap torque testers measure application and removal torque of threaded bottle caps. Useful in the food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceutical, and other industries, these testers are portable and easy-to-use solutions, with data output and storage capabilities.

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Plug & TestTM Sensors & Indicators

Plug & Test™ Sensors & Indicators

A wide range of external force and torque sensors address applications with space constraints and other circumstances where gauges and stands are not practical. With exclusive Plug & Test™ technology, sensors and indicators may be interchanged without the need for re-calibration or re-programming. Choose a capacity from 0.25 to 10,000 lbF (1 N to 50 kN) of force or 10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin (7 Ncm to 550 Nm) of torque. A third party load cell adapter is also available, for seamless integration with Mark-10 indicators.

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