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 What We Calibrate

MSI-Viking Gage has decades of experience in gage calibration services of precision measurement equipment. We are certain that once you experience our extraordinary customer service, turnaround, pricing and expertise you will want MSI-Viking Gage to become Your Total Metrology Solution!


A2LA Accredited Services

MSI-Viking Gage is proud to be A2LA Accredited to ISO/IEC-17025 standards on a tremendous scope of Dimensional, Electronics, Pressure, Force, Load, Mass, Torque, Temperature, Humidity and more precision instruments and systems. View our Certificate #’s 1387.01 and 1387.03.

American Global Standards

MSI-Viking Gage is also certified by American Global Standard to ISO 9001 quality standards in Dimensional, Electronics, Pressure, Force, Load, Mass, Torque, Temperature, Humidity and more precision instruments and systems.

Dimensional Gages & Instruments

Angle Plates/Blocks
Bench Centers
Bolt Protusion Gages
Bore Gages
Chamfer/Hole Check
Co-Ax Indicators
Concentricity Gages
Crimping Tools

Feeler Gages
GO/NO-GO Gages
Hand Tools
Hardness Testers
Height Gages
Height Set Masters
Laser Micrometers
Length Standards

LVDT Probes
Optical Flats
Pin Gages
Plug Gages
Radius gages
Ring Gages

Roundness Testers
Snap Gages
Steel Rules- up to 72″
Tape Measures
Thread Plug Gages
Thread Ring Gages
Thread Wires
Universal Measuring Machines
Vacuum Gages

Electronic Gages & Instruments

AC/DC High Voltage
Analog Meters
Battery Dischargers
Chart/Strip Recorders
Clamp Meters (up to 1000 Amps)
Conductivity Meters

Current Probes
Curve Tracers
Data Loggers
Decade Resistors/Boxes
Frequency Counters to 18GHz
Function Generators
Infrared Thermometers
Insultation Testers

Multifunction Calibrators
Panel Meters
Power Supplies
Pulse Generators
Radar Guns X-K Bands
Safety Analyzers

Temperature Controllers
Temperature Indicators
Volt-Ohm Meters
Waveform Generators
X-Y Recorders

Beyond Gages & Electronics

Force Gages
Load Cells
Scales & Balances
Gage Blocks
Master Balls
Master Discs

Radar Guns
Infrared Thermometers
Insultation Testers

Welding Machines
Magnehelic Pressure
Pressure Gauges
Roughness Patches
Surface Testers
Surface Plates

Torque Wrenches
Torque Analyzers
Torque Meters
Temp Controllers
Temp Indicators

More About MSI-Viking Gage Calibrations

Fluke Calibrator imageMSI-Viking Gages offers complete calibration services of your Electronics Gages and Test Instruments…too many to list here. Our state-of-the-art Fluke Multi-Product Calibrators, plus our technicians with years of military and practical calibration experience with all types of precision measuring instruments ensures that you can rely on MSI-Viking Gage calibrations every time!

MSI-Viking Gage offers extensive On-Site services right in your plant. Our On-Site Services include:

  • A2LA Accredited Calibration of Capital Equipment and a broad scope of other Dimensional Measuring Instruments
  • Manufacturer Certified Repair of hundreds of Major Brands
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance – on a regular schedule or by appointment
  • New Part Installation
  • Set-Up and Moving Equipment
  • Support and Training for Application and Maintenance
MSI-Viking Gage offers the Fastest and Most Accurate Gage Block calibration services at excellent low prices. Your Gage Blocks are calibrated to A2LA Accredited/ISO-IEC 17025 certification and our Standards are directly traceable to NIST. MSI-Viking Gage’s Uncertainty Range is competitive with the large OEM Labs, and easily surpasses other nearby independent calibration labs. CLICK HERE for a Comparison Chart.

Our Meticulous Process

Even though we promise to have your Gage Blocks in and out of our doors quickly, you can rest assured that each set of gage blocks is put through MSI-Viking’s meticulous and painstaking care and calibration procedure every time. Your Gage Blocks are:

  • Carefully unpacked in one of our environmentally controlled calibration Labs
  • Cleaned in denatured alcohol and Demagnetized
  • Inspected for burrs, nicks or flaws which are lightly lapped as necessary
  • Placed on half-inch aluminum soak trays
  • Stabilized overnight
  • Handled only with rubber coated tongs
  • Verified to Masters used strictly for Gage Block calibrations
  • Calibrated using Gage Block Comparators which are calibrated daily
  • By technicians with over 12 years of Gage Block calibration experience
  • All certification data is electronically transferred to computer for error-free results
  • Oiled upon request (some customers prefer no oil)
  • Carefully re-packed in rust-inhibiting paper in our environmentally controlled Lab

Your Single Source

MSI-Viking Gage calibrates any brand of Gage Blocks and we also sell all of the major brands, making us your simple single source for calibration, lapping and purchasing gage blocks and much more. No more paying big OEM prices for calibration and sending blocks to multiple locations. Using MSI-Viking Gage for all your calibration needs will allow you to conveniently keep all your calibration certification data in one place.